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Winter Friends Felt Keyrings

17 Sep

Keychains, ornaments, stocking stuffers, nursery mobile and more! These little felt friends are very versatile and would make a great gift for Christmas.
You will need to download the PDF template from Repeat Crafter Me and use it to trace/cut out each piece from felt.


Christmas Tree template – download

Be sure to cut two of each body part so you can lightly stuff it. Sew the edges by hand using a tapestry needle and 2-ply yarn. The embellishments (eyes, nose, feet, etc.) are held in place with hot glue – or sew them on for a more rustic fastening.


Full template from: Repeat Crafter Me



Sewing projects using fabric scraps

21 Aug

Do you always find yourself with offcuts of leftover material after you’ve finished a sewing project? You feel it’s wasteful to throw them away but they’re too small for anything you’re planning. It’s kinder to your pocket, and the environment, to use them up, so here are some quick and easy makes designed for small pieces of fabric.

I’ve had these bookmarked for ages and thought it was time to share them!
They are from All About You

Love is the key

Sew your own pretty padded heart key rings.

From All About You

From All About You


To make
Enlarge template (Below) to about 9.5cm high. Cut out two heart shapes from linen. Cut an 8cm length of velvet ribbon and thread through a keyring. Place heart shapes right sides together and sandwich the ends of the velvet ribbon between the hearts, pin in place.

Stitch all around outer edge, taking 1cm seam allowance and leaving gap in side for turning through. Trim, turn right sides out, press and fill with polyester toy filling. Sew up gap in stitching. Tie the velvet ribbon in a bow and stitch to centre of heart. Sew a heart-shaped button on to the plain fabric heart.

Heart pattern for keyring


Felt butterfly wall hanging

18 Jun
From: RosiePink

From: RosiePink

To make the butterfly in this demo the maker used felt from a large wall hanging that was cut up into strips.

That’s the great thing about felt – over the years you build up a stash of leftover bits and bobs and the odd ‘failed’ projects that you can use again.  It’s disappointing when a project goes wrong but great when it means you get to add some pretty handmade felt to your stash.


This is from the RosiePink blog I liked it so much I wanted to share it.


From the RosiePink website

This is the felt from the discarded wallhanging:



To finish the butterfly piece they sewed  calico on to the back for stability and a little hanging loop.


A lovely gift or ideal to keep for the wall of a craft room!