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Simple, easy, using up gift bag / gift voucher wallet

30 Jul

Really quick and easy idea i saw on Pintrest

These are a great idea, pretty design, easy to do and you can make a few at once to save time and resources.

Brown sewn gift bags   What do i need?

Brown paper / envelopes
Scraps of paper
Peg – mini one if possible, but big work too.





How to:

Take brown paper – or old large brown envelopes, cut to the desired size, plus 1/5.

Sew up the sides in a contrasting colour – cream works nicely.

Write or stamp at the bottom

Ideas:             – for you –    – merry christmas –   – congratulations –   – just a little token – 

Place your gift inside

Fold a flap – roughly 1/5 of the size (either portrait or landscape).

Cut out – or if you have a cutting machine use cut scraps.

Pin these together over the flap to seal at the top

Give to lucky recipient



Tea Bag gift bag

10 Jul

Tea bag gift bag

For all Tea lovers!

I saw this on pintrest and had to pass it on! it’s from the MiriD blog.


To wake up in the morning I definently need a cup of tea. For all who just feel the same, you get a teapot giftbox.


There’s a full template here copy it twice – for the inside and outside & stick together, unless you can find the funky paper that is double sided.

You can pick up the teabags in supermarkets or they are the ones you get in hotels.


Have fun & drink tea : )


Super idea for using plastic seal bags for gifts

8 Jul

Decorated seal bags

Decorative seal bags

I saw these on pintrest care of Babalisme and wanted to share them as a super way to use plastic bags.

They can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like!


Decorate with permanent markers – make sure you work left to right (if right handed) so you don’t smudge them.

Perhaphs start with a simple dots or checked pattern – or just a framed window for a name.